Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Venus Retrograde May 15 through June 27

Venus rules relationships and partnerships, money and what we value. Venus is also the ruler of art and beauty. From May 15 through June 27 Venus is retrograde. In general, this is not a time to take chances with our money or valuables, or to get that new hairdo, or to have plastic surgery. Existing relationships may undergo changes, as we reevalute them at this time.

As with any retrograde, this is a great time to meditate upon these areas of our lives, as any retrograde is a wonderful time to use "challenging" situations to our advantage ... we can learn through adversity. When things don't go as we had planned, the Universe most often has better plans for us.

For more details, here are a few articles I have read on Venus Retrograde:

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and .... The Wedding Astrologer (I have not read this one yet, so I cannot vouch for its contents, but who is knocking The Great Unknown? Not I!)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspiring & Empowering Movie on Healing

The Cure Is ...

I have not watched it yet, but it looks quite promising ...

from "About This Film:

"The Cure Is U is a ground breaking film that will forever change the way you look at your health. For decades, many believed genetics to be the most significant factor in determining whether we obtain a disease or not. Bruce Lipton, PhD, one of the first to clone stem cells over 44 years ago, states this is completely false."