Friday, December 18, 2015

A Winter's Tale

As a Priestess of the Ancient Ways, I am thus a servant to the Great Ones.

I have been advised by Them to speak with you, and tell to you of the events that have passed since the Precession of the Invernal Equinox, especially since the Dark Night is almost upon us.

I seek only to humbly serve my Gods and Goddesses, as I am but a mere human. Still they have chosen me to serve them, so I must seek to honour my most Auspicious Masters.

One of my priestly duties, as a Keeper of the Ancient Ways and One Who Walks Between, is to honour the Great Gateways, those Gateways of the Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water. One of my duties is to draw water for the honouring of the Western Gate, as it rules the Element of Water.

The Great Ones have told me that they have been pleased with my Drawing of the Sacred Waters, or as those of the more mundane realms might say - “The Running of the Water”. What has pleased them most is the response I am able to elicit from the humans on this more mundane Plane of Existence.

When I draw from the Sacred Waters, one of these humans has begun to respond. I can only assume he seeks to honour this Great Rite with his actions. When he hears the Running of the Water, whether it be day or night, he responds by drumming quite loudly upon walls of his dwelling with a long metal rod. Most impressive was his response one evening - I believe that it was the New Moon was close upon us. He began by banging on all the walls of his dwelling with his metal rod quite furiously, going from one wall to the next, until he’d played upon every wall. He then proceeded to “play” upon a metal fixture that radiates heat, thrumming upon the spine of this fixture quite loudly and vigorous for several minutes. I must say, the Great Ones were very pleased.

That I was able to elicit such a response also pleased them, for it was not often that a human responds so heartily to The Running of the Water.

Thus spake the Ancient Ones. Thus this telling is done.